Why is infrared heating good for my building?

Infrared is an efficient, safe, comfortable form of heating, but its benefits don’t stop there. Infrared heating panels can also keep your property healthy by preventing damp, while taking up very little space on your walls.

Thermal mass

If you have enough infrared heating panels, you can effectively turn your home into one big radiator! Infrared heaters work through radiation not convection, meaning they heat solid objects, rather than air. When your heaters are on, they will not only radiate heat into people and furniture, but also into the walls, floor and ceiling. This is known as thermal mass. This means that the heating you pay for goes further, as even after the panels are switched off, heat stored in the fabric of the building will continue to radiate into the room.

Infrared fights condensation

Due to the stuff mentioned above, infrared heating prevents water droplets forming on walls, therefore fighting damp. Having warm walls means the temperature of the walls and the room is more similar, therefore discouraging water vapour from settling and condensing. This means no ugly mould, and no damage to the structural integrity of your property.

Infrared improves air quality

Indoor air pollution is a big worry these days; in fact, it’s often worse indoors than outdoors. Preventing damp means a safer, healthier home with less risk of indoor air pollution. Breathing in spores from mould and mildew can cause serious health effects, such as respiratory infections. The fact that infrared heating does not circulate air around the room also means that dust and pollutants are easier to avoid.

Infrared heating saves space

Infrared panels are less bulky than radiators and fit almost flat against the wall. They look also look great, as they can be disguised as mirrors, glass or even a photo canvas.

Infrared heating panels are easy to install

Installing the panels is relatively quick and easy and won’t mean loads of redecorating. As they work through electricity, they can either be plugged in to the mains and will work straight away, or you can have them wired in and control them via a thermostat and optional smart heating controls. Installing digital thermostats in every room will provide optimum thermal comfort and efficiency.


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  1. We use an industrial infrared heater to help dry our renders / EWI during the cold winter months. Works an absolute charm!

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