Heated mirrors are a great way to warm your bathroom, but standard ones can encourage humidity, leading to problems down the line. We have found a solution which heats even better than standard models but avoids this inevitable downside.

Mirror infrared heating panels

Mirror-finish infrared heating panels are an efficient, space-saving alternative. They sit almost flat against the wall and emit powerful warmth within minutes of being turned on. Unlike other bathroom mirrors, infrared panels do not fog up, so they are perfect for bathrooms.

What makes infrared heating different is that it works through radiation, not convection. Infrared panels emit radiant heat, warming objects (and people) directly, rather than space. Infrared radiation is completely safe – it is the reason we feel warm in the sun, even when the air temperature is low.

Ironically, radiators are convection heaters, and they work by heating air. They are less efficient than infrared heating because they work by heating the air around you. This means the heat is easily lost through draughts and through the walls of a building.

With infrared, furniture, walls and floors absorb heat and release it slowly back into the room over time. This means you will benefit even after you have turned the heating off. It also helps prevent damp and mould by drying out walls and stopping conditions which encourage condensation.

The way the panels work means they are also are cheap to run, because they require less energy input to achieve the same heat output as other forms of heating.

Our panels all come with 5 year warranties and proven performance.