The Benefits of Infrared Heating in the home

In our first blog on Infrared4Homes we thought we would kick off with 10 reasons why you should consider installing our infrared heating panels in your homes!

  1. Turn on your Infrared heating panel and you will almost instantly feel the warmth. Infrared doesn’t heat air, instead it heats solid objects directly (i.e. you). Compare that with a radiator that heats the air by convection, the infrared is so much more reactive and therefore more efficient since it can meet your heating needs better.
  2. In the same way, since infrared heat solid objects directly instead of having to heat a volume of air, an occupant will feel the same level of heat using a 600w infrared heater compared to a 1500w infrared heater therefore there are big energy savings there too.
  3. Infrared heats a room in a very even fashion, the temperature felt at the ceiling is similar to the heat felt near the floor. Compare that to a room heated by radiators where the hot air rises to the ceiling – if the ceilings are too high then the occupants don’t even benefit!
  4. Our infrared heaters come with a UK plug so are simply plug in and go. This means no costly pipe work needs to be laid (like for a wet central heating system). We recommend they get hard wired in though with thermostats by a qualified electrician to give you much better heating control!
  5. Our Herschel infrared heating panels are just 2.5cm thick but including the mounting on the back of the panel – when hung on the wall they extend just 3cm into the room. Our ‘Select’ carbon fibre and ‘Inspire’ white panels can be hung on the ceiling too – helping to maximise the living space! We are not sure there are any more conspicuous heat systems available on the market!
  6. Radiators heat rooms via convection currents that circulate nasty dust and allergens around the room. Our infrared heating panels don’t, infect they are proven by the medical profession to have medicinal benefits including increased blood circulation
  7. Since Infrared heats solid objects rather than the air, when the infrared falls on walls, they heat up stopping the spread of mould dead in its tracks! Also since the walls are warmer as a result of the infrared, they don’t suffer from condensation
  8. We might be a bit biased but we think our Herschel Infrared heating panels look fantastic too! Be it the simplicity of the Herschel ‘Select’ or the sleek design of the mirror panels. You can even adorn your walls with your favourite work of art or photo – all in the guise of an efficient heater.
  9. We couldn’t finish this article without mentioning the price of the panels, not only are our infrared panels some of the best value available, compared to other whole house heating systems i.e. storage heaters or boiler central heating systems – infrared is far more economical to install
  10. Our infrared heaters come with a minimum 5 year warranty (for the Select range) and a 10 year warranty for the Inspire range. If that isn’t piece of mind, we don’t know what is!


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  1. We have infrared heating in our home and it is fantastic. Our energy bills are down and the house stays nice and warm. Not sure why infrared heating is not more popular in the uk

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