Looking to buy commercial infrared heaters?

Need an efficient heating system for your office? Look no further than our range of commercial infrared heaters. If you don’t have access to gas in your office and are reliant on outdated electric radiators, now is the perfect time to install one of our efficient infrared heating systems – not only will you see far lower energy bills, but you are will also have a far more stylish heating system!

Why are commercial infrared heaters more efficient?

Most heating systems warm up the air temperature in a room – the reason the occupants feel comfortable is is that they are surrounded by this nice warm air. This is the case for radiators, storage heaters and other electric heaters – this type of heating is known as convection heating.

Infrared heating doesn’t heat the air – instead it heats solid objects (surface area). These solid objects absorb the infrared and warm up as a result. This is the same concept as standing in direct sunlight and feeling the warmth of the sun even during the middle of winter; this too is infrared!

As a result of this, if you compare one of our commercial infrared heaters with a standard commercial convection heater, our infrared heaters will heat a far larger space if the two heaters had similar wattage. Looking at it another way, you can use a lower wattage commercial infrared heater to heat a space that has been heated with a convection heater in the past. This means tangible energy savings because less electricity is used to run the heater for each hour / minute / second it is on!

Take for example our Herschel Pulsar heater – at 2.4kW, that is a pretty sizeable heater – but this will heat 25m2 if positioned 3m above the ground. If you were trying to heat an equivalent space with convection heating, you would require 4kW of heat.

What if my office is heated by a central heating system?

If your office is heated by a central heating system (i.e. it uses mains gas), then normally we would recommend sticking with that – the reason being that mains gas is much cheaper than electricity.

There are a couple of reasons though that you may want to make the switch anyway. Firstly, if the existing central heating system is very old, then you may wish to install our commercial infrared heaters, just because you reduce ongoing maintenance costs and also improve efficiency. Remember our electric heating systems are ‘plug in and go’ (although we do normally recommend running them through thermostats / intelligent heating controls) – there are no pipes carrying water that have the potential to leak!

The other reason is that our commercial infrared heaters are more stylish – take a look at this office we installed a few of our heaters in below. The stylish design of these particular infrared heaters makes them stand out and these ones specifically mean you can do away with heaters that are at ground level and attached to the wall, freeing up more space.

Looking to buy commercial infrared heaters?

We only sell the very best commercial infrared heaters – all of our infrared heaters come with a 5 year warranty as a minimum so you can be sure the heaters are made to last. If you are looking to buy commercial infrared heaters then look no further than infrared4homes!

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