Why Choose Infrared?

When designing homes or offices, consider infrared heating.

It’s simple, efficient, and stylish.

Unlike traditional forms of heating, infrared works through radiation, not convection. Because of this, heat is not lost from draughts and leaks through the thermal envelope of a building. Once heated with infrared, furniture, walls and floors will release it slowly back into the room over time.

Advantages of far infrared:

No pipework required
Panels can simply be hung on walls and plugged into the mains – but we recommend they are hardwired in by an electrician. Thermostatic controls can be installed at the same time.

Panels are available in a huge range of finishes
Our panels can fit in any home: white, glass, mirrored, painted or disguised as a photo canvas.

Infrared is space saving
Panels sit almost flat on the wall and take up very little space, especially compared to the old storage heaters – they really are a sleek, modern alternative.

Infrared operates in complete silence
Panels don’t use fans so there are no noisy moving parts.

Great for allergy sufferers
Infrared heating ensures dusty/pollen-laden air is not circulated around your home / office.

Helps prevent damp
The infrared emitted from the infrared heaters warms up walls, helping to keep them dry.

Infrared heating is 100% safe
Clearly, the word ‘radiation’ rings alarm bells for some people, but infrared radiation is 100% safe. Our own bodies emit it – this is how search and rescue helicopters find lost people at night.

Infrared is cheap to run
Infrared heats the surface area of the room, not the volume like conventional central heating systems or convection heaters. So you can generate the same amount of heat with considerably less energy – this saves homeowners money on their bills – infrared really is the no.1 form of efficient electrical heating!

Top Selling Products
  • Herschel ‘Advantage’ Infrared Heater – IR2

  • Salus Wireless Prog. Thermostat – ST620RF

  • Herschel ‘Select’ Infrared Panel – White

    From: £189.99
  • Herschel ‘Inspire’ Infrared Panels – Mirror

    From: £424.99
Best prices online
Best prices online
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Free shipping
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Friendly, helpful support
Friendly, helpful support

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