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infrared4homes is the UK’s largest online store for quality infrared heaters at the best prices. With 10 years experience with infrared heating in the UK market, we are pleased to offer you the best prices available on market leading Herschel Infrared panels as well as our own in house IR4H brand for your home heating projects.

Why Choose Infrared Heaters?

When designing homes or offices, consider infrared heaters.

Infrared heaters are simple, efficient, and stylish.

Unlike traditional forms of heating, infrared heaters work via radiation, not convection. Because of this, heat is not lost through draughts and leaks through the thermal envelope of a building. Once a space is heated with infrared heaters, furniture, walls and floors will release the heat slowly back into the room over time.

Advantages of infrared heaters:

Infrared heaters require no pipework
Panels can simply be hung on walls and plugged into the mains – but we recommend that they are hardwired in by an electrician. Thermostatic controls can be installed at the same time.

Infrared heaters are available in a huge range of finishes
Our infrared heating panels can fit in any home: white, glass, mirrored, painted or disguised as a photo canvas.

Infrared heaters are space-saving
The infrared heating panels sit almost flat on the wall and take up very little space, especially compared to the old storage heaters – they really are a sleek, modern alternative.

Infrared heating operates in complete silence
Infrared heating panels don’t use fans so there are no noisy moving parts.

Infrared heating is great for allergy sufferers
Infrared heating ensures dusty/pollen-laden air is not circulated around your home / office.

Infrared heating helps prevent damp
The infrared emitted from the infrared heaters warms up walls, helping to keep them dry.

Infrared heating is 100% safe
Clearly, the word ‘radiation’ rings alarm bells for some people, but infrared radiation is 100% safe. Our own bodies emit it – this is how search and rescue helicopters find lost people at night.

Infrared heating is cheap to run
Infrared heaters heat solid objects rather than the air, so you are in effect heating surface area as opposed to volume. The result is that you can generate the same amount of heat with considerably less energy – this saves homeowners money on their bills – infrared heating really is the no.1 form of efficient electrical heating!

Top Selling Products
  • IR4H Framed White Infrared Panel

  • Herschel Summit 2600

    FROM £449.00
  • Herschel CALIFORNIA 2000

  • Herschel Select XL – Infrared Towel Heater


Where can infrared heaters be installed in the property?

Infrared heaters can be installed in your living room, bathrooms, kitchen, conservatory and even in your patio area. We have a comprehensive product range to satisfy different customer requirements. Below, we quickly summarise typical property areas and some of the infrared heating solutions we would recommend:

Infrared heating in living rooms and bedrooms

Here we would typically recommend any of the full infrared heating panel range, from the cost-effective IR4H and Herschel Select white panels, through to the premium Herschel Inspire glass or Herschel Inspire Picture panels. Whichever infrared heating panel you choose, they should all be able to be connected with programmers and thermostats so as to give you full thermostatic control of those zones. The white infrared heaters panel heaters can either be installed on walls or ceilings, whereas glass and mirror panels can only be wall-mounted.

Infrared heating in bathrooms

Infrared heaters are IP-rated and have been tested for use in toilets, bathrooms and wet rooms. Infrared panels are perfect for heating bathrooms because they are sleek and space-saving, thereby helping you maximise the use of those rooms. How about having a mirror that won’t steam up, or a towel heater that warms your towels and your bathroom? With Infrared Heating, you can.

Infrared heating in conservatories

The rate of heat loss can be great in poorly insulated rooms such as conservatories or “Man Caves” or Garages. Our Summit and Aspect XL heaters are perfect for these sorts of colder room where it is usually not practical to extend your central heating and where your use is also occasional, rather than all the time.

Infrared heating for patios

For Patios, you could use Summit and Aspect XL if it is well enclosed, but for more exposed, windier areas, our Middlewave infrared heaters California and Colorado fit the bill perfectly.

Infrared heating in the work place

Infrared heaters are suitable for office installations. They can be installed in the ceilings or in a variety of applications depending on the work layout or needs. Our range of infrared heating panels is perfect for the office environment. For office spaces with higher ceilings, you might alternatively consider the Pulsar or Summit, which can both be suspended from the ceiling.

For any sizing, specification or advice on the infrared heating solutions required please do get in touch!

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Check our prices
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Friendly, helpful support

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