Infrared heating – the most stylish heating system out there!

In the UK we all unfortunately need a decent heating system to keep us warm in those cool winter months. For many of us, that involves a boiler with lots of radiators scattered across the house as a means of heating the space. It is hard to argue that the old cast iron radiators have a certain charm, however their newer relatives are more of an eye-sore than eye-catching!

The same goes for storage heaters, these big bulky units are not going to win any style awards! The units can’t even be covered to hide them since that inhibits the spread of heat in the room. So what other options do you have to not only heat a space effectively, but also stylishly?

Stylish Heating Options

Well for us there are three contenders – the first is your classic wood burner. These units are really popular right now and for good reason. They can become a focal point in a room and are a great way to heat space, however on the whole they are used as an additional heating source to supplement a main heating system like a central heating system (with radiators).

Next up is underfloor heating – this for us is the perfect solution – it is hidden out of the way and it just gets on quietly with its job. The issue with underfloor heating is twofold; the first is that it tends to only be found on lower floors in a property, so underfloor on the ground floor of the house and then radiators in the bedroom The second (which is linked to the first) is the price of getting it installed. Underfloor heating can cost as much as £90 per square metre, so for a 5 x 5m room you are looking at £2,250. That is as much as getting a new boiler installed! You can see why then, that people tend to only use it on one level in their home.

Infrared heating is relatively new here in the UK, although it is extremely popular in Austria, Germany and North America. One of the reasons, aside from the fact it is extremely efficient, is that infrared heating is quite stylish in comparison with the other heating systems.

Imagine for example having a mirror in your bathroom that also provides all the space heating for that room, or a large family portrait in the living room that keeps you all nice and warm.

Infrared heating makes that all possible!

Our infrared heating panels come in a whole range of styles, allowing you to set up your new efficient radiant heating system in a way that suits you. Even our cheaper ‘Select’ models are stylish and if you don’t agree – they can be hung on the ceiling so you would never notice them anyway!

Our entire range of infrared heating panels are sleekly designed to provide your home with an efficient form of heating. The panels, when hung on the wall, are just 3cm in depth – compare that with a storage heater that protrudes 15cm in to the room or even a radiator that protrudes 8-10cm into a room.
In 2015 the one product line that we have seen huge interest in is our bespoke picture panels. These infrared heaters all you to pick any picture, which then gets printed behind polished glass. These infrared panels allow you to combine that perfect picture moment with a fantastic heating system and for many become the focal point of a room with the heating system just getting on quietly with its job in the background.

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5 thoughts on “Infrared heating – the most stylish heating system out there!

  1. Nice and smart heater

  2. I’m looking to purchase infrared panels for my large 30 foot conservatory. I don’t see anything mentioned about using them in conservatories. I run a childcare business and the children like to play in here all year round. Using the conservatory in the winter is an expensive job. If we install the panels on the wall near the ceiling is there a risk of melting the plastic ceiling panels?

    1. Hi Helena,
      We sell a lot of infrared heaters for conservatories. We normally recommend the XL 2 – which you can see by clicking here. These infrared heaters will be ideal, because they can be situated right at the top of the wall (on which the conservatory is housed), pointed towards the area you are looking to warm. These heaters do get hot (like all infrared) but by going with these instead of the panels, it would be very difficult for little hands to get anywhere near them because they are close to the ceiling of the conservatory – the panels would obviously come further down the wall and therefore it might be easier for the children to reach them. With these infrared heaters, the heat is also directional (normally aimed towards the floor!) so there is no danger of the plastic ceiling panels melting).

      1. Thank you for your quick reply. Very helpful,.

        1. No problem – give us a shout if you need anything else?

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