Benefits of infrared highlighted in mainstream media this morning!

It is not normally my paper of choice, however this morning the Daily Mail ran an article over the launch of infrared Saunas and the associated health benefits. At infrared4Homes we have been shouting about the virtues of infrared heating for much longer, but it is good that this incredible technology is now making the mainstream news. If you are looking to benefit from all the advantages of infrared then look no further than our selection of infrared heaters, we are fast becoming the retailer of choice for high quality infrared heaters here in the UK.

Health benefits of infrared are numerous!

One of the key benefits drawn out in the article was the impact of infrared on health – it stated that ‘Infrared saunas can elevate the heat rate similarly to cardiovascular exercise so it’s a wonderful option for people who are unable to get their heart rate up with exercise. Heat from an infrared sauna can also help loosen muscles and relieve joint pain.’ We are aware that it is unlikely people are going to use infrared in their homes in the same way as an infrared sauna, but it is good to know that there are health benefits associated with the technology.

No convection currents, no allergies!

Another big health benefit of infrared that was not mentioned in the article was that it helps people with allergies. When you have the older, more traditional heating systems in your home like central heating systems with radiators you get convection currents. I.e. the cold and warm air are continually circling around the rooms, as the warm air rises and the cool air sinks. With infrared, it heats solid objects directly rather than warming the air – so you don’t get these convection currents. This is important because it is these convection currents that carry allergens around the room – therefore by using infrared instead of a more traditional heating system – people who suffer from allergies will have much reduced symptoms – another fantastic benefit of infrared heating but one that is often overlooked.

One thing that we do hear from time to time is that infrared is dangerous – well we can assure you that infrared heating is 100% safe. Did you know your own body even emits infrared radiation? The infrared radiation emitted is next to visible light on electromagnetic spectrum (both are safe) and is not to be confused with X-rays or ultraviolet which can cause harm.

Aside from the health benefits, there are other advantages of infrared too – one is that the infrared heaters can simply be hung on the wall or ceiling and plugged into the mains, this means that there is no costly pipework to lay (as with wet central heating systems) and they are incredibly slim in terms of profile – these panels are also completely silent when they are on – no more noisy heating.

Infrared4Homes – the home of infrared heating!

Last but not least, our infrared heaters come in a huge variety of finishes, so are suitable for almost any setting; white, glass, mirrored, painted or disguised as a photo canvas – infrared4homes has you covered!

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  1. Infrared heaters are able to operate without emitting harmful vapors and incompletely burned hydrocarbons. That makes furnishings, walls and carpeting cleaner, with less need to do extensive cleaning. It is important to ensure that the interior air in the home is free of particulates caused by burning fuels. Because the immediate fuel for infrared heaters is often electricity, it’s environmentally friendly. However, always analyse the pros and cons when considering a purchase for your home. The disadvantages are only few and tolerable of course such as that quartz infrared heating elements which are the core of the operation are limited in usable lifespan. The quartz units must be replaced, usually after 20,000 hours, although some are rated as high as 60,000 hours. Electronic appliances and devices always require worn parts to be replaced and maintenance functions to be performed as they get older. The contents of oil-filled space heaters gradually evaporates or develops leaks over the years and are no longer useful. For those homeowners who use central heating furnaces to warm the space, there are many electronics involved which can be very costly to repair or replace.

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