Our Infrared Heating panels are both efficient and stylish. They provide fantastic warmth that remains comfortable, maintenance free and controllable throughout the home. Importantly though, since they don’t rely on convection like more traditional radiators and storage heaters, positioning the infrared heating panels is key.

Below we take you through the various places you can install the infrared panels to ensure that you get the most out of them.

Placing Infrared Heating Panels on your Walls

Most people will look to situate their infrared heaters on the walls.

If you are installing your infrared panels on the walls, you should ensure that panels larger than 400W are mounted at least 1.5m from the floor and smaller panels at least 1.2m from the floor. This ensures that the infrared emitted from the panels is spread evenly and far without interruption, increasing efficiency. Remember that infrared does suffer from shading, therefore hanging the heating panels higher on the wall normally ensures the infrared can travel unimpeded to the intended destination.

The Aspect and Summit range of Infrared Heaters that we sell are designed for indoor and conservatory usage – the ideal height to install them is 2.3m to 2.5m off the ground. The Summit can also be placed on the ceiling pointing downwards.

Our entire range of Herschel infrared heating panels can be hung on the walls using the brackets provided.

Placing Infrared Heating Panels on your Ceiling

The ideal place to locate your infrared heaters is on the ceiling. There are 3 main reasons why this is the case. First of all, when mounted on the ceiling obstructing the infrared is not an issue since no furniture will block the spread of the infrared from the panel. This gives the room an even spread of heat and minimises hot and cold areas.

Secondly, when located on the ceiling the full potential of the infrared distribution is ensured. Meaning that fewer panels are required, allowing you to save money by reducing the number of panels you need to buy (and therefore the running costs since you are lowering the wattage required to heat the same space).

Finally, placing the panel on the ceiling means that space is not taken up on the walls. The panels also get as hot as radiators; so having them on the ceiling makes sure that they aren’t touched.

For the Pulsar Infrared heaters, they are ideal for ceilings of around 3m. However, as they can be hung with various lengths of cable from the ceiling just ensure that they are above 2.8 metres off the ground.

Unfortunately, only White infrared panels, Summit and Pulsar can be attached to the ceiling – this is due to the weight of the glass heaters – the load that the glass panels would put on the ceiling would just be too much.

Having your Infrared Heating Panels as Stand alone heaters

If you are looking for the infrared panel to be used as a plug in portable heater, you have the option of buying feet for the Select and Inspire White ranges. These mean that the Infrared Heating Panel can still be used safely without mounting them on the walls or installing them onto the ceiling.

Panel feet are perfect when the ceilings are above 3m high, or the area required to be heated is further than 3 metres away from the walls. The Select feet can only be used with the Select carbon fibre panels, however the Inspire feet can be used across the entire Inspire range of panel.

Additional points

Infrared is effective up to 3m and is emitted at an angle of around 45 degrees.

The Panels come with a bracket and screws, which enables easy installation onto the ceiling and walls.

If in doubt we would always recommend to oversize the panel (in terms of wattage per m2) – we would much prefer you to be too warm with the ability to turn off the panel rather than too cold! You can find more about sizing the infrared heating panels by clicking here