Herschel IQ infrared heating controls

Until now, while infrared heating has led the way in terms of efficiency and performance, it has lacked the option of remote control, while other heating technologies can be controlled by ‘smart’ heating systems.

Currently, infrared panels can only be controlled with switches on walls (if wired into the mains) or on the heaters themselves – or with a Salus wireless thermostat. These do not give particularly sophisticated control over your heating, unlike Herschel’s new tailor-made system.

New Herschel IQ heating controls are the easiest, most effective way to control your infrared heating panels. The smart thermostat, coupled with receivers in as many rooms as you like, allows for optimal thermal comfort and energy savings.

The units are discreet and easy to use. Units can be added depending on your budget or the level of control you require.

The Herschel IQ system consists of:

T1 Thermostat

The Herschel T1 Thermostat controls the temperature of your heaters, and when they come on. Heaters will turn on automatically at the time you choose so you never have to return to a cold home.

R1 Receiver

The R1 Receiver links to the thermostat and controls your individual panels. You’ll need one in each room that has panels in it. If you’re fed up of having to leave the room to fiddle with your heating, the R1’s ‘Boost’ button gives you an extra burst of heat, whenever you need it.

Zone your home for full heating control

By splitting your home into ‘zones’ and heating it with infrared, you can just pinpoint one room to heat. This is useful if you know you’ll be spending a few hours in the same room and you don’t want to spend money heating rooms you’re not using.

You can create zones with a closed circuit heating system by using a smart thermostat or thermostatic radiator valves. However, with these systems, hot water (heated by a gas boiler) has to travel around the whole house’s pipes before it reaches the room you want to heat. It loses heat along the way. Infrared means more efficient, quicker heating.

With Herschel IQ, you have the option of setting your heating to different temperatures and times in different rooms, just by adding more sensors. Control everything from one point and tailor your heating system to your individual needs. If you like your heating to be warmer in the day than at nighttime, or you want more heating at the weekends when you’re at home more, Herschel IQ makes this possible.

You might choose to install an R1 in each room with heaters in it, and one T1 for the whole house, or (if you’d like to set your rooms at different temperatures), you could add a T1 to every room. Or you can go even further with the WH1 Central Control Unit.

WH1 Central Control Unit

The WH1 Central Control Unit is the (soon-to-be-launched) hub of the IQ system. It controls both your T1 thermostat and R1 receivers and allows you to change the heating from your phone. If your plans for the day don’t fit your pre-programmed heating schedule, you can avoid heating an empty house with the tap of a finger.

The WH1 can control up to 6 zones, with up to 6 R1s in each (You’ll only need one R1 receiver per room if the panels in that room are all on the same circuit). This allows for maximum control over your heating. Being able to heat only where and when you want, Herschel IQ can save you money on your bills as well as keeping you comfortable.

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5 thoughts on “Herschel IQ infrared heating controls

  1. Looking for a control, that I can use remotely. I am often in and out of the property, so would be useful. Does the Herschel IQ allow for this?

  2. Does the thermostat unit come with a reciever or do I need to buy a reciever for every Herschel thermostat I buy?

  3. When will the WH1 Central Control Unit launch? I want to control my new heaters from my phone!

  4. These look good, but I am still very tempted by the Nest central thermostat system as I think it looks a bit nicer. Would that be able to control the infrared heaters?

  5. I am confused about which heating controls I need to buy. I have 3 rooms and plan to get a total of 5 panels since two of the rooms are not square, they are L shape. I want to control each of the rooms independently by an app on my phone. Can panels share receivers? so I would need 1 central unit and 3 receivers?

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