Heating period properties with infrared

More and more people are installing infrared heating in domestic and commercial properties, and the benefits of the technology are becoming pretty well known. This week, however, we were interested to hear from a customer that infrared is now the go-to heating system for stately homes! Whilst this isn’t an angle we’ve ever thought of before, it makes perfect sense!

What is infrared heating?

Infrared heating is a powerful and efficient form of electric heating. Unlike convection heating, which heats the air, infrared heating works through (safe) radiation. This means it heats the fabric of the building – and the people within it – directly.  This has several benefits, several of which make it particularly suited for use in old homes, which we will outline below.

Why heat a period home with infrared?

Conservationists and estate managers are choosing to install infrared for the following reasons:

  • Infrared panels are discreet and in-keeping with the appearance of period homes. Unlike ugly, bulky radiators, they hang flat against the wall or ceiling and don’t encroach on room space. They can be disguised as mirrors or pictures so as not to detract from the features of the room.
  • There are no big structural works required during the installation of infrared heating. Panels can be wired in pretty easily or controlled by integrated on/off switches – either way there is no costly or potentially damaging pipework required, meaning old buildings can be preserved.
  • Infrared radiation helps dry out walls and heat stored through thermal mass helps prevent damp in future. Damage from damp and mildew can be terrible news for old homes, both structurally and aesthetically. Every wall that has to be treated for damp is costly; not to mention dangerous for the often precious pieces displayed on the walls.
  • Infrared heating is cheap and efficient, so it’s perfect for those having to balance budgets. The larger and older the period home, the more naturally draughty it will be. Having loads of big open rooms, with minimal mod cons and very few energy efficiency measures, makes for hefty heating bills. With maintenance costs high for very old buildings, saving money on heating is obviously key, and infrared heating is about the most efficient heating form there is. Because it heats through radiation, as mentioned before, nothing is wasted through draughts.

So, aside from installing infrared because it’s looks great, it’s also perfect for preserving old buildings and it can drastically cut running costs.

If you’re interested in making the switch to infrared, get in touch and we’ll talk you through the options!

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