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Herschel iQ T2 Wireless Thermostat Pack

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Herschel IQ – T2 Single Zone Control – Product Description

The perfect heating control for simple use. Very easy to control and very well designed, these units work seamlessly with Herschel’s infrared heating panels. This single zone control pack comes with an R2 receiver and a T2 thermostat.

What can the Herschel T2 Thermostat do?

The Herschel iQ T2 Wireless Thermostat has a very clear backlit digital control display and easy-to-use functions including:

  • Time of Day;
  • Target Temperature control;
  • 7 x 1 day schedule with 4 times of day; Eco and Manual modes;
  • Window Open Function (shutting off the heating if the temperature drops more than 2°C in a 15 minute period until you override this or wait 1 hour);
  • Adaptive Start (determines when to switch heating on before the next scheduled time);
  • App control using the SmartLife App for remote control of your heating;
  • Wall-mounted or Free-standing.

What can the Herschel iQ R2 Receiver do?

The iQ R2 Wireless Receiver has the following additional capabilities:

  • 1 hr “Boost” function;
  • Unlimited R2’s can be paired to a T2,to control more heaters in the house (all receiving identical commands from the T2).
  • Acts as the Internet Gateway for the T2 to enable SmartLife App control.

What are the other features of the single zone control system from Herschel iQ?

  • 10 Amp maximum load;
  • Radio Frequency 433Mhz, 2.4GHz wifi (R2)
  • 35m effective wireless range (if unobstructed);
  • 24 month warranty;
  • Herschel Infrared heaters together with the iQ Single Zone starter pack are fully compliant with EC Directive 2009/125/EC for Ecodesign of local space heaters.


Herschel controls will only work with Herschel heaters.  Attempted use with any other heater brand will invalidate the warranty.

A T2 must be used even if SmartLife app control is to be the primary means of controlling your heating (i.e. you cannot use just the App and R2).

The T-T2 pack incorporates one T2 thermostat and one R2 Receiver.


T2 Installation Guide

R2 Installation Guide

Download the Smartlife App:





Control Options (Required)

  • Herschel iQ R1 Wireless Receiver
    Herschel iQ R2 Wireless Receiver

    4 reviews for Herschel iQ T2 Wireless Thermostat Pack

    1. James

      Great product and customer service. My heating bills have been reduced since installing Herschel heating panels. Thermostat does what it says on the tin. Recommended

      • Customer Service

        Really pleased to hear, thanks James.

    2. Dmitry Blokhin

      Works good on classic installation with T1 g3 Thermostat in the bathroom itself and R1 g3 Receiver on other room where connection is made. Thermostat has a lot of options, however the control is not very easy without manual (for example, there is no clean way to see a desired temp and switch between current and desired; also modes (Programmable or 3 pre-configured) are also changed using “Prog” and “Menu” buttons without logic. iQ Hub allows to control everything via application even remotely, so it works good. The only thing that R1 g3 module may be connected to T1 g3 OR iQ Hub only, not both. It was found only during setup as it was not described in the manuals.

      • Customer Support

        Thank you for your feedback which has been passed to our Technical team for review. Good to hear the remote control is working well.

    3. 20Susan20

      Bought this Herschel iQ single zone thermostat with an additional R1 receiver. This allowed me to control the two infrared heating panels at either end of my room with the single thermostat. Easy to set up and work well, only downside is there is no app to control them via the internet, but since I am pretty much always at home not such an issue, but others looking for this additional level of control will have to get the Lightwave thermostat.

    4. Kev

      Works great with our Herschel 800w infrared heater. Can set temp and times so keeps the room nice and war, when I am there!

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