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Comfort – white infrared heating panel

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Herschel’s Comfort White infrared heating panel has been designed with sustainability, comfort, and performance in mind to offer the most efficient and eco-friendly infrared panel in the UK market. Proudly manufactured and assembled in the newly established UK production facility using British and European materials, each design aspect reflects Herschel’s pioneering technology and unparalleled expertise in infrared heating.

The Comfort White infrared heating panel showcases Herschel’s innovative Swift Comfort Plus system. This system combines their latest technologies to enhance efficiency, delivering a higher percentage of infrared heat into the room and a quicker warm-up experience. Swift Comfort Plus incorporates a new high-performance, long-life German-made heating element, rapidly reaching higher temperatures from startup and ensuring an optimal spread of heat across the panel’s surface. With top-notch UK-made insulation material and a specially treated radiant reflective stainless steel back panel, rearward heat loss is reduced by over 20%, resulting in the best infrared panel available. Comfort has undergone testing according to the new IEC 60675 standard for radiant efficiency.

Emphasizing sustainability, Comfort is constructed with high-quality materials designed to last a lifetime, fully repairable, and completed with a 10-year warranty. Nearly all components are recyclable, and we employ 100% recyclable UK-made packaging.

Sleek and available in eight popular sizes, including the space-efficient ‘L’ models, Comfort White infrared heating panels provide a discreet finish to any living space, radiating a fresher feeling of comfort that people adore. Featuring a one-piece central fixing bracket for effortless and secure installation, the Comfort infrared heating panel is suitable for both wall and ceiling mounting. Professional installation is recommended, and the panel requires a controller from our iQ thermostat range (sold separately), all featuring advanced App control. Panels are directly wired to the thermostat.

The heated areas are a guide only and assume a medium to well insulated space with an average floor to ceiling height of 2.40M. For spaces with greater heights or additional building considerations, please use our Calculate Your Requirements page, Contact Herschel, or reach out to your dealer for a more detailed assessment.


What size panel do I need?

use our



  • Made in UK with British and European materials
  • German heating element
  • Swift Comfort Plus technology
  • High radiant efficiency
  • Most eco-friendly panel on market
  • 10 year warranty


The Herschel Comfort infrared panel heaters come in eight different sizes:

  • 215 watt panel – 30 x 60 cm; 4kg & heats an area of 3-5sq metres.
  • 420 watt panel – 59.9 x 59.9 cm; 10.5kg & heats an area of 11-13sq metres.
  • 600 watt panel – 60 x 80 cm; 15.5kg & & heats an area of 12-20sq metres.
  • 850 watt panel – 59.5 x 119.5 cm; 15.5kg & heats an area of 12-20sq metres.
  • 850 watt panel – 45 x 160 cm; 15.5kg & heats an area of 12-20sq metres.
  • 1050 watt panel – 45 x 150 cm; 19kg & heats an area of 14-24sq metres.
  • 1200 watt panel – 60 x 155 x 1.6 cm; 21kg & heats an area of 17-29sq metres.
  • 1250 watt panel – 60 x 150 cm; 21kg & heats an area of 17-29sq metres.

The Comfort panels come with a 1.8m cord.


Comfort is built to the following standards

  • EU/ UK Electrical Safety: IEC60335-1; 60335-2-30; EN62233
  • Radiant Performance: IEC60675
  • Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS): IEC62321
  • Ecodesign Compliance: ErP Regulation (EU) 2015/1188 and Supplement (EU) 2016/2282 (Lot 20) when using Herschel Controls
  • All our Herschel Comfort heating panels come with a 10 year warranty.
  • IP44 rated
  • Made in UK.

Always refer to the installation instructions before carrying out any electrical wiring.

Click here to download the Data Sheet.

Click here to download the Installation Manual.

Control Options (Required)

  • Herschel iQ T-MKS Mains Powered WiFi Thermostat Silver
  • Herschel iQ T-MKW Mains Powered Wifi Thermostat White
  • Herschel iQ MD2 Wired Thermostat
    Herschel iQ MD1 Wired Thermostat
  • Herschel iQ MD2 Wired Thermostat
    Herschel iQ MD2 Wired Thermostat
  • Herschel iQ R1 Wireless Receiver
    Herschel iQ R2 Wireless Receiver
  • Herschel iQ T2 Wireless Thermostat Pack


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