Infrared panels need to be correctly sized for the room you are going to install them in. If you have any doubts as to the requirements for your property, please feel free to give us a call and we can give you a quote. If you feel confident to size the heaters yourself, these are the things you need to consider:

To heat the average, modern home, you will need around 50 watts for every square meter. Of course, if your property is poorly insulated, with thin older walls, this figure will be closer to 100 watts per square meter.

We thoroughly recommend insulating and draught proofing your property as much as possible before installing any heating system. It will save you money in the long term and make your heating system more effective. You can find out more about our insulation products at TheGreenAge.


Q: How many walls are external?

If the room in question has lots of external walls and windows, it will need more heat than an interior room

Q: What type of glazing do you have? Is it single or double and what is the size that occupies the walls?

Windows are usually the weak points in the room in terms of heat loss. Single glazed or draughty windows or big patio doors and sash windows will mean more heat is required to keep the room warm.


Our panels can be placed on the walls or in the case of the carbon fibre models can be placed on the ceiling.

Our panels will work best when 3m or less away from the area in need of heating, so very high ceilings will not be a good spot for the panels. In this situation you can either place the panels on the walls or hang the panel from a bracket.

If on the wall, make sure they are at least a metre from the ground and if on the ceiling, make sure the plasterboard can support the weight.