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Reputable Suppliers of Infrared Heating Panels

With so many companies out there selling infrared heating panels, it is hard to choose the make and model and even harder to believe some of the claims that have recently surfaced about this technology. Even though far infrared is relatively new in the UK, it has already become extremely popular – but this is nothing compared to mainland Europe though where infrared has been heating homes and businesses for decades.

Dozens of companies have entered this growing market and in our opinion some of the marketing materials they are putting out and their door-to-door selling agents are exaggerating the savings from the infrared heating technology, with some claiming that infrared can cut gas bills by 90%. While the technology is extremely efficient some of these numbers flying around are just too good to be true.

Some of the claims by these companies are saying infrared heating panels are 10 times more efficient than a gas boiler and 2.5 times more efficient than a ground source heat pump – this is unfortunately not true! Continue reading…