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Stand for middlewave heaters

Stand for Patio heaters

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Make your Herschel Colorado or California heater portable, by using this heater stand.  With a telescopic extension to 2.1m this stand will enable you to move your heater to exactly where you want the heat.

Herschel Colorado and California have a built-in tilt switch which will turn the heater off if it experiences movement through 45° of vertical.

  • The stand is not intended as a permanent installation;
  • Never lower the heater on the extension below 1.8m;
  • You must supply your own electrical extensions from a suitable wall socket and plug rated at 13 amps. Any extension leads must be taped or secured to the ground to avoid an accidental tripping hazard;
  • The remote control supplied with the heater should be used to control the heater. However, when using the timer function, DO NOT leave the heater on and unattended on long timer periods. Always switch the heater off when unattended;
  • Do not use the heater on the stand with any other form of automated switching mechanism.
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    Convenient telescopic stand to enable you to place your Herschel Patio heater wherever you like.

    Extends to 2.1m from the ground.


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