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Herschel Pulsar 2400 B-Grade

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The Herschel Pulsar infrared heater is the perfect solution if your commercial premises has high ceilings, and would otherwise be very expensive to heat with a standard convection solution. This radiant heater can provide direct heat to physical objects, while still operating at a low voltage. Perfect for large commercial units, workshops, show rooms and public halls.

For example, with a 2.4kW Herschel Pulsar you can heat a floor area of 12-20m2 from a height of 2.3 – 2.8m.

The other reason the Herschel Pulsar heaters are so effective is that they can be positioned in places that other classical heaters can’t. Also as they work effectively from a height of 3 metres so don’t get in the way of day to day operating activities. This means spaces like workshops, industrial or commercial units and warehouses make ideal locations for heaters of this sort.

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  • Herschel iQ MD1 Wired Thermostat
    Herschel iQ MD1 Wired Thermostat
  • Herschel iQ Hub
    Herschel iQ Hub

The Black Pulsar is a powerful infrared heating unit, rated at 2.4kW. Use these when serious heating is required. The Pulsar infrared units can be wired into modern thermostats, giving the customer the best possible temperature, time and zone control. This helps to maximise output and minimise running costs.

The Pulsar infrared heater is suspended from the ceiling, able to heat effectively from a height of 2.3 – 2.8m. Please note that the surface temperature of the panel can get up to 180 degrees, so it is not safe to touch the surface of the heater for at least 30 minutes after the unit has been switched off.


  • Zero emissions product
  • 100% noise fress
  • Cheap and simple installation process
  • No moving parts mean that they are maintenance free
  • Infrared heaters enable you to focus heat on areas of the room that require it most
  • No wasted energy spent on heating the air in areas where that heat is not required
  • Infrared has been medically approved, with suggested health benefits that include metabolism and circulation boosting properties.


  • Unit colours sold: Black or white enamelled steel
  • Heating element: Ceramic heating elements
  • Max temperature: 1150 W = 200°C
  • Voltage: 230 Volt, 50 Hz
  • Electromagnetic tolerance: Low emission
  • Protection class: IP 20 (Installation)
  • Certificates and Reports: CE
  • Guarantee: 5 years


Click here to download the Data Sheet.

Click here to download the Pulsar Installation Manual.

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