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Herschel ‘Inspire’ Infrared Panel – Picture

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Our Herschel ‘Inspire’ picture infrared heating panels combine an eye catching artistic centrepiece with an efficient heating solution!

These panels allow you to fully customise the look of your heating solution. Constructed using high quality Enforced Safety Glass, your photo is printed onto the panel underneath the glass. Choose a favourite family portrait or business logo.

Built in Germany, the panels use a stainless steel infrared filament that is woven into an insulating material ensuring the panels have a long lifespan. As such, they come with a 10 year warranty to give you piece of mind.

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  • Economical to run compared to convection heating
  • Act as an aesthetic piece of art of the home.
  • Optimised to run in the UK
  • Easily installed (although we recommend you use a Part P qualified electrician)
  • Prevents mould, condensation and cold spots
  • No circulation of dust, pollen or other allergens
  • Increases blood circulation
  • Include a 10 year warranty.

Not only do our panels have these fantastic features, but come in the following sizes to suit all needs


Our ‘Inspire’ picture infrared heating panels come in six different sizes:
  • 200watt panel – 30cm x 60cm x 2.5cm; 5kg & heats an area of 3m2 – 5m2
  • 300watt panel – 30cm x 90cm x 2.5cm; 7.5kg & heats an area of 4m2 – 7m2
  • 500watt panel – 60cm x 80cm x 2.5cm; 12.5kg & heats an area of 7m2 – 12m2
  • 750watt panel – 70cm x 90cm x 2.5cm; 16.2kg & heats an area of 11m2 – 18m2
  • 900watt panel – 80cm x 100cm x 2.5cm; 20.3kg & heats an area of 13m2 – 22m2
  • 1200watt panel – 80cm x 120cm x 2.5cm; 25kg & heats an area of 17m2 – 29m2

Please note the heating area is dependant on the insulation levels of the home. As a broad guide we recommend 50watt / m2 however if the house has little or no insulation this is nearer 100watt / m2 and likewise if the home is very well insulated this can be as low as 30watt / m2.

These picture infrared panels come with a 3m cord and a UK plug.


All our ‘Inspire’ panels are built to the following standards

  • RoHS compliant
  • CE Certification (by TÜV Rheinland, Germany)
  • TÜV GS Certification (by TÜV Rheinland, Germany)
  • IP54 rated


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