LightwaveRF Room Thermostat & Receiver



The wireless thermostat sits in direct line with the infrared heating panel and constantly measures the temperature. When the set temperature is reached, the thermostat wirelessly transmits a signal to the receiver that switches off the panel. As the temperature drops, the thermostat sends another signal to switch the panel on again and heat the room up. Using the latest wireless technology, the thermostats are able to pinpoint temperature and send information instantly to the receiver.

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The receiver is wired in with the infrared heating panel to the mains electricity circuit and acts as a switch that is wirelessly controlled by the thermostat. One receiver and one thermostat is required per panel. 

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We are extremely excited to be able to offer you the latest in intelligent heating controls. Perfect for your infrared heating panels, the Lightwave system allows you to control the whole system through a beautifully designed app, or simply the web, on your smartphone, desktop or tablet. Turn your heating system into a versatile, zonal and easy to control network that can not only massively increase comfort, but also save you money.

Comfort & savings achieved with ease through Lightwave

Home automation is becoming the must-have gadget for homeowners. In terms of automated heating controls, not only does it increase comfort in the home but also creates a huge potential for savings in your heating bills. First of all, having the ability to split your property into zones means that you only heat the areas that are required.

Intelligent controls for your electric heaters

What’s the point in heating your bedroom when you’re spending the day in the living room? Having the ability to quickly change time and temperature from your phone means that you are more likely to control it efficiently. Imagine you set off on holiday and realise that the heating is still on. In the average home that would set you back around £37. With Lightwave, all you have to do is get your phone out, open up the app and flick the heating to off. There you go, £37 saved already.


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