About Herschel iQ Controls

Smart heating

Manage your home or office heating from wherever you are, whichever rooms and schedules you choose, and ensure a warm and cosy space to return to.

The Herschel iQ control system offers an App-enabled range of options to ensure you manage optimum comfort levels and maximise energy efficiency.

All Herschel iQ controls will ensure you are fully compliant with European Energy Saving legislation (Lot 20).

Control Features

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Which Control is best for me?

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App-enabled Solutions

These controllers work stand-alone or over the internet via the iQ App.

MD1 Wired Thermostat – best for new builds / renovations and commercial applications

Use one MD1 per room / zone and wire all heaters within the room onto the same circuit.

MD1 is wired to the mains electricity supply & requires recessing into the wall.

This is the best option for new builds or renovations where cabling runs can be hidden in walls / ceilings.

Can become App-enabled by adding the Herschel iQ hub (optional).

Herschel iQ Configuration Options for MD1

T1 Wireless Thermostat Pack – versatile solution which minimises cabling / disruption

Use one T1 per room / zone and one R1 per heater. Each R1 requires mains electricity supply.

Wirelessly pair each R1 to the T1.

The T1 can be located anywhere in the room and is battery operated so does not require mains supply. Can be surface mounted to the wall or placed on a shelf. A great retrofit option minimising disruption to walls / ceilings because R1 can be located close to heater.

Can become App-enabled by adding the Herschel iQ hub (optional).

Herschel iQ Configuration Options for T1


R1 + iQ Hub – Slick App only control

Wire all heaters on the same circuit to one or many R1s according to 10 amp limit per R1. Requires a minimum of one R1 per room / zone.

Program and control the heaters using the APP only.

Note: the R1 will sense the room temperature which will be displayed on the APP. Must be used in conjunction with the iQ Hub.

This is a good option where heaters are ceiling mounted and cabling can be run in the ceiling void with the R1 positioned on the ceiling or wall.

Herschel iQ Configuration Options for R1

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NOTE: Herschel iQ will only work with Herschel heaters.

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